Spring Course Descriptions 

Watercolor + Ink Foxgloves with Sarah Simon, @TheMintGardener

Learn how to make 'movement and shine,' and to watercolor with Sarah Simon of TheMintGardener. Sarah's signature style incorporates ink into her widely popular watercolor botanicals, and in this course she shows you why and how it's such a lovely step to include in your creative process. Create incredible paint color recipes with Sarah's tips, see how to control your painting process as you move from flower to flower, and learn how paint a Foxglove - in many different ways, all with the same materials. Explore Sarah's watercolor world and learn why her approach to this slow art form will help you express your own unique artistic voice and style.

Sketching From Real Flowers with Peggy Dean, @thepigeonletters

In this lesson, you will learn that you can create many styles using simple techniques. You’ll learn to pick out distinct lines, creases, and shadows on real flowers and how to translate them into more realistic, intricate botanical line drawings. I will invite you to closely observe the details of flowers and explain how the most pertinent characteristics make it to the page.

Pencil Illustration for Manuscript Borders with Paul Antonio Attong, @pascribe

"An introduction to how to use a pencil effectively for creating beautiful manuscript acanthus leaf borders. Where we use pressure and release on the tip of the pencil, much like we would with a pointed flexible metal nib, to create variation of line to illustrate shading, depth, volume and dimension.

This is a in a calligraphy allied field as these techniques can be used to augment your writing as well as help you gain a deeper understand of pencil control allowing you to transfer this to nib and ink control. "

Hand Sewing - Beginner English Paper Piecing - Hexies with Mathew Boudreaux, @misterdomestic

Who wants to cut out all the pretty parts of fabric, wrap it around paper hexagons and then stitch them up together to create an amazing textile? Weehoo!!! Whether English Paper Piecing curious or a seasoned EPP-er, this beginner friendly class will teach you all of Mister Domestic’s tips and tricks to English Paper Piecing so that you can join the never-ending EPP Party. 

Woven Twill Coasters with Lindsey Campbell, @hellohydrangea

Create a beautiful set of handwoven coasters! With this course, you will use materials you probably have at home to start weaving. You will make a cardboard loom, talk about materials, learn how to read a grid pattern and start weaving. Four different patterns are included so you can continue to explore twill weaving.

Watercolor for Creative Rest with Kolbie Blume, @thiswritingdesk

Painting isn't just about creating masterpieces -- it's also a great way to regulate your emotions and bring intentional calm to your life. Let's explore some simple watercolor exercises to encourage Creative Rest!

Customizing Canvas Shoes with Missy Briggs, @missybriggs

In this course, you will learn best practices for canvas shoe customs including materials, application methods, and finishing. A quick tutorial is included for drawing the cute frog on a lily pad, but methods of transferring a pre-printed design are also included if you would rather not draw the design yourself. 

Watercolor Florals with Bonnie Kuhl, @archerandolive

Learn how to create tiny and detailed floral illustrations with watercolor with Archer & Olive's own Bonnie Kuhl.

Cricut Stickers Made Easy with Abbi Kirsten, @abbi_kirsten_collections

Learn how to make easy and beautiful stickers with your Cricut machine. Discover the tools, resources, and knowledge to create flawless custom stickers in minutes. 

Having Fun With Continuous Lines: From Playful Lettering to Layouts to Drawing with Samantha Dion Baker, @sdionbakerdesign

In this 30-minute workshop we will talk about all of the ways you can incorporate using one coninuous line in all of your creative projects. From beginners to more advanced artists, working with one continuous line can surprise you and inspire you to make the most creative and unexpected work that is free from the worry of perfection and misktakes. 

Watercolor Lettering Using Faux Calligraphy with Naina Sethi, @twitcherwrites

In this course we will learn about painting letters with watercolors and a brush using Faux Calligraphy, with a step by step process, which is easy to follow. Free printable worksheets will come with the course to help you with the overall creation of the project which is worth framing."

Doodly Quote with Masha, @Mashaplans

Let's create a fun little project, which will be a mix of doodles, banners, and lettering. This course is beginner friendly and comes with tons of printable materials to help you complete the project.

Watercolor Florals & Calligraphy Bookmark with Maricar Ramos, @sevenbrushstrokes

In this class, I will share my process and techniques on painting flowers and combining them with brush calligraphy. We will create simple bookmark designs that encourage creativity and fun!

Wine Bottles that Wow with Kestrel Montes, @inkmethis

Kestrel takes us through the start-to-finish process of custom engraving a wine bottle. Engraving allows you to transform grocery store wine into stunning gifts that evoke oooohs and ahhhhs from your friends, family, and clients!

Colorful iPad Calligraphy Project with Jillian & Jordan, @loveleighloops

Learn how to create this colorful calligraphy project on your iPad. We'll show you step-by-step how to customize a color-changing brush, trace the lettering template, import a mockup image, and add finishing accents. You'll also learn some of the basics of calligraphy and how to dynamically adjust the colors at the end. We think you're going to enjoy it!

Easy Bookmarks Using Water Based Markers with Erin McDonough, @gofontyourself

Use water based markers to create some simple DIY bookmarks

Beginner's Guide to Sublimation Crafting with Angie Holden, @countrychiccottage

Have you ever wondered what sublimation crafting is? Let Angie Holden explain sublimation and how to get started with the right printer, supplies, and blanks. Plus, see two projects being made to get inspired for your own creations!

Punch Needle Yarn Sculpting with Andie Solar, @myraandjean

In this course you'll learn the basics of punch needle as well how to sculpt yarn. And the best thing? We'll do a word that is super fun!

Join me for this really fun lesson where you're bound to learn something new.

How to Mural  with Alli Koch, @allikdesign

Painting a mural is easier than you think! In this course, we will go over my FAQs when painting a mural! From supplies and pricing to making your painting process easier!  

The Bullet Journal Basics: Starting A Bullet Journal with Mark Figueiredo, @menwhobullet

In this class, I will show you how to start your first Bullet Journal. This course will review the bullet journal basics and I will demonstrate how to use the methods signifiers, including how to migrate your tasks forward and into your future log.

Unconventional Lettering Tools with Terence Tang, @tinlunstudio

Letterers and calligraphers often get caught up in asking other artists, "What pen is that?" with the mindset that replicating the tool is the key to good art. I'm here to tell you that it's not about special, expensive tools - you can make really cool art using art scraps - or even vegetables - found in your home.

Painting Watercolour Florals with a Limited Palette with Sarah-Jane Deeny, @essjay_florals

Using primary colours to create a colourful loose floral bouquet.

Watercolor Notes For The People You Love with Nicole Miyuki, @nicolemiyuki

In this class Nicole Miyuki will guide you through painting, lettering, and making time for you! With tips and tricks to paint with watercolors including blending colors and wet-on-wet techniques, you will end this class with colorful artwork using just a few simple paint strokes. Nicole will also teach you her favorite lettering technique to make your handwriting pop.


Creating Consistency in your Bullet Journal Practice with Nicola Knobel, @myinner.creative

When you first get started with journaling, there is an OVERWHELMING amount of inspiration and differing ways to do it. That can really impact your ability to stay consistent and organised. In this course I will go through my 5 simple steps to set up your journal quickly, and how to carve time into your calendar to stay really on top of your to do list, and consistent with your journal. 

How to start selling products with Natalie Avalos, @threeologie

Selling Online Mini E-Course will teach you how to sell your valuable products online & start making money! The course is tailor-made for artists & small business owners who are eager to start an e-commerce business online. I’ll teach you how to leverage your new e-commerce business to gain more control over how you make money.

How To Make Your Own Stamp with Mark Figueiredo, @MenWhoBullet

Learn to make linoleum block stamps with a simple transfer method with Creative Block Party co-host Mark from @menwhobullet.

A-Z 3D Block Letters with Lisa Chang, @nolalettering

In this course, I will teach you the basic 3D lettering style from A to Z along with ways to embellish or modify it to make it even more fun!

Playful Piglet Watercolour with Kerrie Woodhouse, @arttally

Jump right into the fun of painting with this step by step watercolour tutorial. Yes, even if you have never painted with watercolour before, or have tried it and found it frustrating.

Let me show you how we can simplify a painting subject like this adorable piglet and then capture his playful spirit in a loose watercolour style. You might be surprised at just how forgiving watercolour can be. (Even if you think you can't draw😉).

Discover how to use play to beat creative block and walk away with easy techniques you will be able to apply to your next painting.

Brush Lettering Basics with Joyce Gutierrez, @joycechristine.co

Learn the basics of brush lettering, all the way from proper pen positioning to the upper case alphabet!

Digital Watercolour Lettering with Jimbo Bernaus, @jimbobernaus

Learn how to use water-based markers to paint with, and create watercolor-style botanicals.
In this course I'll be doing a watercolour lettering piece from scratch. I'll be using a Freebie I'll provide to the students and one of my most recent packs. This class will show an easy way to give incredible watercolour results with little time.

Paint Leaves with Markers with Jessica Mack, @brownpaperbunny

Learn how to use water-based markers to paint with, and create watercolor-style botanicals.

Wedge Brush Watercolor A floral bouquet with Jen Sweeney, @jsweeneydesigns

"Watercolor florals should be fun, no fuss, and achievable! With a few basic wedge brush strokes, Jen shows you exactly how to do that. Through meticulous instruction, you learn how to load your brush with the correct paint-to-water ratio so your designs pop right off the page. Add this ""wow"" factor to your creative portfolio and use these florals for stand-alone art pieces, to embellish cards, envelopes, gift tags, name tags, calligraphy pieces, letters, or just about anything else you can paint on!
By the end of class you'll know exactly how to paint these gorgeous florals."

Custom Hand-Lettering for Beginners: Composition, Technique & Application with Indira Prieto, @theindysign

In this course, discover the main hand-lettering techniques step by step and learn how to illustrate a quote of your choice. Through a series of practical exercises, Indira teaches you how to unlock your creativity by sketching inspiring words and how to master the use of brush pens.


How to draw cute and easy animal characters. Outlining the cute factor with Lettie Blue, @lettieblueillustrator

We’ll first get to know what “The Egg Method” is all about and what makes a character look cute. After that, using a playful approach, not a detailed anatomy study, we will have some fun using “The Egg Method” to draw some super cute animals.

Gothic Style Monogram on a Leather Travel Tag with Doris Wai, @lovelettering_doriswai

Come letter beyond paper with me as I create this fun and functional lettering project! In this tutorial you will learn how to build and draw a simple gothic style letter and the materials you need to paint it onto a leather luggage tag! These tags will set your luggage apart from the rest in the prettiest way! Great gifting idea for your jet-setting friends or destination wedding gift!

Physical, Mental and Emotional Health in Bullet Journaling with Erin Floto, @erinflotodesigns

In this course, I talk about how bullet journaling can impact physical, mental, and emotional health and vice versa. Bullet journaling can not only assist in a person tracking their wellness and health, but can also have an impact on health. I share my own experiences using bullet journal spreads for my health. I will also share studies related to crafting, art, bullet journaling, journaling, etc. and their ties to physical, mental, and emotional health.

Drawing and Lettering in Your Journal and Planner with Barbara Haeger, @barbarahaegerart

Learn to add seasonal art and lettering to your Bullet Journal or Planner with easy to follow drawing and layout tutorials. 

Photography Basics with Chantel McAlister, @chantelrenaephotograhy

"The simple way to get your head around the basics of photography and your camera. You will learn:
+ How to choose the right camera and lenses for your shooting lifestyle and budget
+ Understanding F stop, Iso and Shutter Speed
+ Shoot in full manual mode without all of the confusing photography jargon
+ The exact settings to use on your camera for shooting indoors and outdoors"

Create Your Own Sunshine, Chalk Art with Ashley Grieder, @sheshedesign

Two of the best things that you can do for yourself everyday is get outside & be creative. Sidewalk chalk accomplishes both of these. It's not just a kid's activity. Creating on concrete can be therapeutic & relaxing. This course includes a suggested supplies list, steps on how to draw a sunflower, lettering & tips on how to create beautiful art on the concrete.

Watercolor Rainbow Floral Wreath with Audrey Ra, @audreyradesign

Paint with all the colors of the rainbow as you learn how to paint loose florals with Audrey Ra Design. 

Character Design for Beginners with Alexandra Finta, @theartmother

Welcome to the Character Design for Beginners!

Throughout this class I will carefully guide you through a 15 step process which will take you from an empty page to a full illustration of a character. The skills you will learn in this class will open so many doors for you, not just by leveling up your technical skills, but by changing your mindset about approaching a project.

Stitch Meditation: Singing to your Soul with Liz Kettle, @lizkettle

In this class you will learn the Stitch Meditation practice where making is done for the simple joy of making. We leave perfection behind and focus on being in the moment with each stitch, savoring the softness of the fabric and the rhythm of the needle.


Creating an Invisible Pull Tab in your Journal with Natasha Miller, @natashamillerletters

Learn how to create an invisible pull tab in your journal to create a fun, interactive element without creating bulk. You will be able to create many different layouts and cover pages with this one pull tab effect.

Changing It Up: Adding Style To Your Letters with Amanda Kammarada, @amandakammarada

Letters don’t have to look boring! In this course, I’ll show you ways to change up the style of your letters. We will explore different variations of a single letter using a brush pen and fine line marker/pen. You will see how it easy it is to change up a letter’s style by adding little details. Use this as a way to develop your own unique lettering style. 

12x12 One Sheet Mini Album with Ericka Herrick, @crafteinated

Together we will make a fun and interactive mini album using a single 12x12 piece of paper as the base! During this quick tutorial I will show you how to make a thoughtful gift or a treasured keepsake for yourself. 

3-D Block Lettering with Danielle Rothman, @rothbyrnscreative

 This class will show you step-by-step how to create a 3-D block lettering effect and then color in your masterpiece with cool colored pencil and marker techniques. While it's made for adults, the instruction is accessible for all ages 10+, and makes for a great family activity together! This class is designed for beginners, but there will be tips and tricks for all skill levels.



How to Paint a Watercolour Crocus Flower with Laura Watson, @laurawatsonartist

Learn how to use Laura's 3-step painting method to paint a watercolour crocus. This course will show you the techniques and framework you need to create botanical paintings without being overwhelmed! Practice Laura's 3-step method and apply these skills to your own paintings, so you can feel confident about creating paintings you are proud of.