Fall Course Descriptions 

Mini-Affirmation Journal with Sharon Coughlin, @madpapercrush

Paint Pen Illustration for Greeting Cards with Valerie Morris, @brightvioletarts

Watercolor Leaf Patterns for Mental Clarity with Vero Wong, @verobujo

Floral Lettering Class with Angele Kamp, @angelekamp

Using the Elements & Principles of Art & Design in Creative Journaling with Julia Royal, @valovanity

Script Bevel Lettering with Nico Ng, @nicong.co

Watercolor Travel Sketches with Kolbie Blume, @thiswritingdesk

Easy Paper Embroidery with Drew Hirschinger, @glass.half.mindful

Creating Beautiful Black and White floral prints with Kimberly Snider, @playartwithkim

Level Up Your Lettering with Leah Jordan, @lettering_leah

How To Make Layered Greeting Cards with Angenise Rawls, @thegracefulpenstudio

Interactive Memory Keeping Journal Layout with Natasha Miller, @natashamillerletters

Drawn to Gratitude with Roxanne Glaser, @superdoodlegirl

Learn To Crochet "The Bestie"  Granny Square Coaster with Jane Snedden Peever, @jspcreate.crochets

Making your own 5-year journal with Jessica Siacci, @jashiicorrin

Doodling Letters with Lisa Chang, @nolalettering

Origami Cats with The Creative Block Party

Holiday Chalk Ideas with Ashley Grieder, @sheshedesign

Creative Planning For Fun And Structure with Masha, @mashaplans

Fabric Weaving Basics with Mathew Boudreaux, @mx.domestic

Freestyle Brush Script Calligraphy 101 with Terence Tang, @tinlunstudio

Mindful Coloring Journey with The Creative Block Party

Learn To Letter and Draw In Your Bullet Journal with Barbara Haeger, @barbarahaegerart


Drawing with Acrylograph Paint Pens with Bonnie Kuhl, @archerandolive

Gratitude Journaling with The Creative Block Party,

Add Shadows and embellishment to your Lettering with Diana Quijano, @prislettersbydiana

Journaling Doodles with The Monster of Stationery, @themonsterofstationery

Painting Cityscapes with Farah Bidin, @paintstobrushes


Recycled Mixed Media Baby Wipe Flower Embellishments with Jennibellie, @therealhennibellie

Build Your Own Gratitude Fairy with Laura Orsini, @fairypositive1

Not-so-beginner Lettering Mini Course with Missy Briggs, @missybriggs

Stamp Patterns with Mark Fig, @menwhobullet

String Art Ornament with Monica Wayts, @lilbitsofmona

Porcelain 3D Lettering on Procreate with Jimbo Bernaus, @jimbobernaus